Following the last edition, the new campaign of the Fair relies once again on the fresh and smart creativity of young Roman graphic designer Matteo Franco, from EDA Servizi, and on the strong visual and communicative impact of illustrations, inspired by the historic posters produced from the 1940s on.




Once again, inspiration comes from a young woman. Holding a paintbrush in her hand, she draws the silhouette of Palazzo Vecchio and other with a refined and ironic touch, draws the lines of Palazzo Vecchio and other tower houses within the circle of the sun with a touch of irony and refinement. In the background lie the Tuscan hills with their lines of cypresses and a farmhouse in the distance.


Below, you can admire Ponte Vecchio and the River Arno, whose banks border with palaces and ancient buildings, as suggested by the irregular shape of the green skirt, featuring rooves, mullioned windows and a little bird in the foreground, observing the river flowing and the other bank of the river.


The scene focuses mainly on an artisan, the real protagonist of the Fair, with ceramic pottery on his work bench and paintbrushes in his pocket, surrounded by booths set up within the walls of the Fortezza.